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Daisy History

The 1950's - The Team Passes and Daisy Goes South


The Rogers Plant 1958



The 1950’s saw the loss of the two individuals whom, more than any others, guided Daisy to its position of dominance in the American airgun industry.  On September 17, 1956 “Uncle Charlie” Bennett passed away at the age of 94.  Up until a few weeks before his death he never failed to put in a daily appearance at the Daisy office.  Less than 2 years later on January 24, 1959 E. C. Hough died at the age of 86.   With their passing, Daisy lost the team that had guided it through three major world conflicts, three devastating economic downturns, and past countless competitors both large and small to emerge as the company whose name was synonymous with the BB gun.

By the late 50’s the antiquated Daisy factory was becoming increasingly less efficient as modern manufacturing processes progressed.  This factor coupled with spiraling taxes and a tightening labor market caused Daisy to begin a search for a new location more central to its distribution.  The search, quietly carried out over a period of months, finally centered on a small northwest Arkansas community.  On April 30, 1958 Daisy closed its doors for the last time in Plymouth, Michigan and the first train cars full of machinery started south to Rogers, Arkansas.  July 1, 1958 was the target date to begin production in its new location but the first gun came off the line on June 26th four days ahead of schedule. 

Daisy’s relocation to Rogers, Arkansas in 1958 represented the first major investment by industry in this highly rural region.  It preceded the area’s ultimate development into the hub of Arkansas’ economy.  Today the market area (now referred to as Northwest Arkansas) is home to numerous corporate offices including the world’s largest retailer and poultry producer. 


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