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Daisy History

The 1960's - Spittin’ Images and Shooting Education


BB Gun Shoot Competition (Circa 1960)



Early in 1963 Daisy partnered with the U.S. Jaycees to launch what was ultimately to become the nation’s largest and most far reaching youth Shooting Education Program.  To date the grass roots program has taught more than 10 million young boys and girls the fundamentals of safe gun handling and marksmanship.  It concludes each year with the Daisy National BB Gun Championship Match (The Daisy Nationals.)   The first of these was held in July, 1966 in Vandalia, Ohio and the national match now continues annually in Daisy's hometown of Rogers, Arkansas.

Today the concept has expanded to include cooperation with such groups as the Boy Scouts, American Legion, NRA Junior Clubs, high school JROTC units, the Royal Rangers, 4-H, and USA Shooting, the governing body of US Olympic shooting sports.  This year's annual Daisy Nationals will attract over 400 5-meter BB gun shooters, 100 10-meter sporter pellet rifle and pistol marksmen, plus coaches, parents and family members.   

The 60s also witnessed the introduction of Daisy’s highly successful Spittin’ Image line of air guns patterned, to the smallest detail, after famous firearms.  The first and best selling of these was the Model 1894 built on the lines of the famous Winchester 94 carbine.  Other such notables included the Model 26 Remington Fieldmaster and .45 Colt Frontier revolver.

No mention of the 60s would be complete without reference to the V/L Caseless Ammunition system.  The V/L was and is, to this day, a totally unique gun utilizing super heated air to ignite a propellant affixed to a .22 caliber bullet that required no brass casing.  Named for its inventor, Jules Van Langenhoven, the gun and ammo were first announced to the public on August 20, 1962.

The Daisy Museum’s collection contains several Spittin’ Image examples, V/L guns and ammunition and a wall which salutes the company’s history as the leader in shooting education.


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