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202 W. Walnut - Rogers, Arkansas 72756 - Directions!

Do You Want to Know More About Your Old Daisy?

The Daisy Airgun Museum is pleased to provide information about your old Daisy. In order to determine the most accurate dating, we need for you to supply as much information as you can.

Please print this form, fill it out as completely as possible and mail to:

Daisy Airgun Museum
Attn: Curator
202 West Walnut
Rogers, AR 72756

You may write additional notes on the back of this form. Our curators will respond within four weeks.

Antique Airgun Evaluation Form

Other Resources:
Because condition contributes so much to value, the Daisy Museum hesitates to place a value on your gun and cannot provide an appraisal. We only quote the current value range as published in "Bluebook of Airgun Values" which you may find online, in bookstores and libraries.

The value of an airgun (or any collectible) is often best determined by what another collector would pay for it at auction. You might consider visiting, bookmarking your Daisy gun model and studying the prices realized for similar guns.

The Daisy Airgun Museum

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The Daisy Airgun Museum
202 W. Walnut - Rogers, Arkansas 72756 - Directions!

Open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday, Central Time


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